Ventum Dynamics Group AS

Ventum Dynamics appoints
Carsten Sennov as CEO

Carsten Sennov

Ventum Dynamics – a leading authority in innovative wind technology and manufacturer of the world’s first on-demand, omnidirectional, and placement friendly rooftop wind turbine for commercial buildings, has appointed transformation executive Carsten Sennov as its CEO effective from 1st of April 2022.


Carsten joined the business in August 2021 as a working board member and has since then worked closely with the incumbent CEO, Wolfgang Krohn, and the company´s founder, Christopher Bisset-Nilsen, to prepare the company for global expansion with initial focus on the UK, rest of Europe, and the US. The partnership strategy will bring renewable wind energy closer to where people work and live and enable energy generation at source for use at source.


Carsten has previously achieved double digit international growth for several businesses in the technology sector, including Bisnode International (Now D&B), Gartner Asia Pacific, Gartner Group Denmark, Capgemini Denmark and IBM. He has also assumed a number of consulting and Board member positions throughout his career; advising companies across multiple sectors on how to navigate in complex business environments, expand into new jurisdictions, and instill meaning and purpose into the wider business. 


Carsten Sennov comments, “I am delighted to be appointed as CEO of Ventum Dynamics – a business that I am hugely excited to lead because of the endless application opportunities with our innovative wind turbines, coupled with the increasing need for countries and companies to become more energy independent and reduce CO2 emissions. It is a cause close to my heart.


Commercial buildings account for a significant proportion of the world’s real estate footprint and at present, many of the roofs of these buildings go unused.

By combining the empty roof space with our world-leading wind turbines, which produce no visual or auditory noise, pose no threat to animals or wildlife, and provide an excellent ROI, we strive to become the ‘as standard’ feature of such commercial buildings, helping to improve their green ratings as well as their contributions towards climate change targets.


I want to thank Wolfgang Krohn for laying the foundation of what is already a hugely impressive business that has caught the attention of both investors and partners on a global scale.”


Wolfgang Krohn comments, “Carsten is a fantastic individual that I have had the pleasure of getting to know well, and his passion for climate improving solutions and the Ventum Dynamics business is clear for all to see. I look forward to seeing him turn Ventum into a global company having a major, positive impact on the world while positioning wind energy as an even bigger energy contributor in the world.