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The official debut of the Ventum 3.0 turbine at EXPO 2020

Ventum traveled to Dubai for the EXPO 2020 to officially debut the V 3.0 turbine. Dag Olav and the personnel at the Norwegian Pavilion, who made this endeavor possible, received the team and set up the unveiling in the Norwegian Pavilion’s media room.

Dubai, 19.10.21

Christopher Bisset-Nielsen, our founder, and Wolfgang Krohn, our CEO, stood in front of a close-knit group of partners and associates that had joined us for this joyous occasion.


The veil was lifted to reveal a miniature replica of the turbine, which was used to explain the construction and function of the larger version placed outside the pavilion. 


The presentation had been anticipated for some time and provided Ventum Dynamics with an opportunity to exhibit the smaller model of the Ventum turbine for participants to interact with and ask questions of the turbine’s creators. Attendees included Daniel Hansen and Mette Hansen from OMNIA Global and an intimate group of the main investors.


We are appreciative to those who attended and invite you to join us in our quest to develop the production model that will support the global scaling of  clean energy for everyone.


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Dubai for the EXPO 2020 to officially debut the V 3.0 turbine

NEWS RELEASE                                                                   

Ventum Dynamics Group AS

Ventum & Empower sets a GLOBAL BEST PRACTICE standard for “Green Sustainable Energy”

Ventum Dynamics will produce turbines from 95% recycled materials and track and trace the materials using Empowers blockchain technology

Dubai, 12.10.21 Ventum Dynamics and Empower is creating a strategic partnership that will enable Ventum to obtain complete, immutable tracking data from multiple material sources – plastic, steel, wood etc. – to finished product thereby showing to every single turbine customer where their turbine’s recycled material is coming from.

The agreement brings together innovative sustainable energy solutions with material tracking technology. The parties will leverage blockchain technology to track all stages of a material’s life cycle in real time, from the initial cleaning process of materials. Each stage is validated and stored in the immutable blockchain-based ledger of the material certificate.


As a result of the collaboration, Ventum will bring to market wind turbines that are made of 95% recycled and repurposed materials and that again are fully recyclable. Setting a new global best practice standard for “Green Sustainable Energy”, where not only the energy production is sustainable, but also every part of the wind turbine itself.


“We love to work with people that are devoted to creating both sustainable products and sustainable businesses,” said Wilhelm Myrer, the CEO & Founder of Empower. “Partnering with Ventum Dynamics is as such at the core of what we are passionate about, using new business ideas and technology to shift from a linear to a circular economy.”

Customers and distributors of Ventum Dynamics will now be able to easily access detailed information about the materials used in their turbine by scanning a unique QR code attached to each turbine.


“This is the future. A wind turbine for flat roofs, off-grid locations, and organizations that assist people in times of crises. There are ample opportunities, and the more renewable energy turbines we deploy globally, the more plastic we remove from the oceans while providing green energy. This is what motivates me and my team. Partnering with Empower is critical, as they assist us in tracking the materials and demonstrate where in nature the plastic has been removed from” said Christopher Bisset-Nilsen, founder of Ventum Dynamics, from the Norwegian Pavilion at World Expo 2020, where the turbine is released.


About Ventum Dynamics

Ventum Dynamics is a forward-thinking energy company providing solutions for distributed and off-grid energy generation and is committed to embrace sustainable and circular practices to not only provide renewable but also sustainable energy technology.


About Empower

Empower provides a digital infrastructure for the circular economy. Tracking materials from production or collection into new products and several life cycles. Empower partners with companies that want to take action and do something that has a real, measurable and traceable impact on the environment.



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Media Contact:

Ventum Dynamics



Into the global market with OMNIA

We are happy to introduce OMNIA Global as our strategic partner. OMNIA is facilitating VDGs entry into the global market and assisting in building our growth strategy


OMNIA is a company with an entrepreneurial mindset, who we see as a great match for VDG as both companies share the goal of helping people and planet while earning a profit.


OMNIA Global is an entrepreneurial family office specialising in alternatives, listing of companies, private to public investments with use of innovative finance and leverage within structured finance.


The company was founded in 2009 by entrepreneur, Daniel Hansen as an innovative and non-traditional family office, which focuses on investing in like-minded businesses and people through transparent partnerships.


We are thrilled to embark on this journey with a company that shares our vision and values.


See you in DUBAI

Ventum featured at the Norwegian pavilion.


Ventum will be featured in the Norwegian pavilion at the EXPO 2020 in Dubai UAE. We will have an exhibition model of the Ventum 3.0 turbine that will be featured on the grounds of the Norwegian pavilion. We honour our role at the pavilion to increase the nation’s presence at this year’s Expo and help showcase the strides Norway is making in innovation and sustainability. #northoftheordinairy 


Last week our own CEO and Owner Wolfgang Krohn travelled to Dubai to visit the pavilion to experience the greatness of Norwegian ingenuity. We are steadily working in tandem with the onsite building coordinators to prepare the site for Ventum’s arrival and installation. As the opening days near we stand proud for our nation and humbled for Dubai´s hospitality. 

Pioneering Sustainable Ocean Solutions

The Norwegian pavilion is based on the overarching theme of the Ocean. The oceans hold the key to reaching many of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, focusing on SDG 14, to conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development. Norway is a pioneer in technology-based sustainable solutions for the ocean within energy, aquaculture, fisheries, shipping and the maritime sector. We want the world to know what Norway has to offer in terms of innovations, research and applied technologies within these industries.


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With so much to see and do at Expo 2020, you’ll be planning your next trip before you’ve finished your first.

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