Our solutions offer energy for everyone, and in five years will be available on five continents.

A viable energy source

Wind power generation from Ventum 2.0 turbines offers major benefits compared with other renewable energy sources. The technology;

  • can operate in most weather conditions.
  • enables the energy source to become mobile.
  • is scalable for large-scale commercial applications.
  • can be adapted to urban areas and infrastructure.
  • is produced sustainably using recycled materials.
  • offers renewable power generation with a low carbon footprint.
  • is a holistic energy system for residential and commercial buildings.

Complementary to solar power

The land use requirement for the Ventum 2.0 technology is a fraction of that needed for urban solar power facilities. This means that Ventum 2.0 can broaden the scope of application of renewable energy sources in distributed systems. Wind energy produces less CO2 emissions per kW than solar energy sources, and the ventum turbine emits approximately 70% less CO2 than traditional commercial, horizontal axis turbines.

Vital energy – where and when you need it!

The Ventum 2.0 turbine can deliver vital energy in situations where there is no existing infrastructure. These may include mobile surgery units used by organizations such as Doctors Without Borders, remotely located 5G transponders or in remote communities without a grid connection. The Ventum turbine can also act as a backup in locations where short- or long-term grid outages are a problem due to minor incidents such as fallen trees, or in disaster relief settings in the aftermath of forest wildfires or earthquakes.

Quiet operation, and no threat to agriculture or wildlife

Other horizontal and vertical axis turbines currently on the market are noisy and represent threats to agricultural activity and wildlife. These negative impacts are greatly mitigated by the unique Ventum 2.0 turbine design.

Suitable for remote locations

The Ventum 2.0 turbine system requires no existing infrastructure. This makes it ideal for use in areas that have no grid connection, which is often the case in remote locations and especially so in developing countries. Wind energy is captured and converted to electricity on-site without any negative environmental impact. There are no wires, no masts and no excavation.

Easy installation and maintenance

A Ventum 2.0 turbine is as close to a ‘plug-and-play’ energy delivery system as you can get. Regardless of size, all turbines can be easily and efficiently installed on rooftops. Power output and efficiency can be maximised by making prior assessments of optimum turbine positioning. Effective design, involving a minimum of moving parts, make turbine maintenance effortless and inexpensive.

The official debut of the Ventum 3.0 turbine at EXPO 2020

Ventum traveled to Dubai for the EXPO 2020 to officially debut the V 3.0 turbine. Dag Olav and the personnel at the Norwegian Pavilion, who made this endeavor possible, received the team and set up the unveiling in the Norwegian Pavilion’s media room.

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