The Solution

Produce renewable
energy where you need it

A viable energy source

The Ventum turbine is optimised for rooftop locations, enabling companies to generate energy where they need it.  It offers many benefits compared with other renewable energy sources:

  • Location friendly, compact in size, suitable for on-site usage
  • No visual noise, and quiet in operation
  • Omnidirectional, captures wind from all directions without turning, hence low maintenance
  • Fast installation, each turbine can be installed within a few days
  • Complementary to solar power, Ventum turbines broaden the scope of renewable energy sources in distributed systems

A new design with improved performance will be launched in Q1/23. 

Multiple sizes, many locations

The Ventum turbine is available in sizes suitable for large-scale commercial and multi-unit development applications, or urban residential settings

Power distribution

The Ventum solution comes with a renewable power generation with a low carbon footprint


Service offering

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Each turbine can be installed within a few days.
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Fleet optimisation

The Ventum IoT Intelligence service maximises performance and efficiency by pre-assessing optimal turbine positioning and throughout the life of the turbine.

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The Ventum IoT Intelligence app allows you to remotely monitor the performance of your turbines and predictive service calls, which can help reduce maintenance costs.

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Service & Repair

Service and repair is provided by our value added resellers.