Clean energy

Current global renewable energy capacity is unable to meet our present and future needs, but Ventum Dynamics has developed a product that can accelerate the transition away from fossil fuels and help meet future global energy demand.


A vertical axis wind turbine

The Ventum 2.0 wind turbine technology is both renewable and sustainable. Our circular approach to manufacturing reduces the use of virgin materials and prolongs the product’s life cycle. By installing the turbine on-site where the energy is consumed, we eliminate the need for impactful infrastructure. Our unique turbine design can be adapted to all locations, creating a massive commercial application potential.

High efficiency

Inspired by aviation technology, this revolutionary wind turbine operates quietly and reliably in almost all weather conditions. Its advanced aerodynamic design enables high power yield efficiency in wind speeds ranging from 2 to 50 m/s. The Ventum 2.0 is omnidirectional, which promotes a high utilization factor, and its direct-drive design results in low maintenance costs.

By closing the gaps in the distributed energy system sector, the Ventum turbine will boost the reliability of intermittent energy sources.

No more transmission loss

All electrical cables have electrical resistance. This means that a small amount of power is lost during transmission between one end of the cable and the other. According to physics, if transmission is doubled, cable loss is increased four fold.

Power loss wastes energy, and energy costs money. So, power loss costs money. The Ventum solution eliminates this problem. Since energy is produced locally, no large infrastructure to transfer electricity is needed which leads to negligible energy loss. If you add this to the environmental footprint of the system, the technology speaks for itself.

Reliable and autonomous

The Ventum 2.0 is a vertical axis wind turbine. Its symmetrically designed housing generates electricity by reducing eddy and ripple effects. The combination of its chambers, larger surface area and tough materials reduces eddy formation and blade-tip bending and ensures that heat is diverted from the electric generator, thus increasing the turbine`s reliability, autonomy from external infrastructure and operational lifetime.

Multiple benefits

  • Silent operation
  • Location-friendly
  • Small and compact
  • Presents no threat to birds or other wildlife
  • Sustainable and circular production using recycled materials
  • Plug-and-play design enables easy and direct connection to existing infrastructure
  • No new infrastructure
  • Manufactured in Norway
  • Fully operational in most weather conditions
  • Scalable for large commercial applications
  • Ideal for disaster relief sites and other remote, off-grid locations
  • Renewable power generation with a low carbon footprint
  • A smart energy system for residential and commercial applications
  • Remote surveillance of the turbine
  • Vibration free

Non-polluting and cost-competitive

As a renewable technology, wind turbines do not pollute the air or otherwise emit harmful greenhouse gases. As prices continue to fall, wind energy is rapidly becoming cost-competitive with other energy sources and is the second least expensive of all renewable sources.

Any size, any location

VDG offers the Ventum 2.0 turbine in a variety of sizes. It is equally suitable for large-scale commercial applications as it is in urban and residential settings. Regardless of size, the key factor is that it enables energy generation and consumption to be co-located on the same site.

This guarantees the technology’s autonomy from established infrastructure and enables it to be deployed on moveable facilities such as seafaring vessels.

Infinite applications

  • Clean energy for the residential and industrial sectors
  • Installation on moveable facilities, such as seafaring vessels
  • Effective in emergency and disaster relief operations
  • Supplies power to charging stations for electric vehicles
  • Power for the lighting of roads, parks and other public areas
  • Power for remotely located agricultural, forestry and fisheries activities
  • Installation in airports to harvest wind generated by aircraft

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