Ventum & Empower sets a GLOBAL BEST PRACTICE standard for “Green Sustainable Energy”

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Ventum Dynamics will produce turbines from 95% recycled materials and track and trace the materials using Empowers blockchain technology


Dubai, 12.10.21 Ventum Dynamics, and Empower are creating a strategic partnership that will enable Ventum to obtain complete, immutable tracking data from multiple material sources – plastic, steel, wood etc. – to finished product thereby showing to every single turbine customer where their turbine’s recycled material is coming from.

The agreement brings together innovative sustainable energy solutions with material tracking technology. The parties will leverage blockchain technology to track all stages of a material’s life cycle in real-time, from the initial cleaning process of materials. Each stage is validated and stored in the immutable blockchain-based ledger of the material certificate.

As a result of the collaboration, Ventum will bring to market wind turbines that are made of 95% recycled and repurposed materials and that again are fully recyclable. Setting a new global best practice standard for “Green Sustainable Energy”, where not only the energy production is sustainable, but also every part of the wind turbine itself.

“We love to work with people that are devoted to creating both sustainable products and sustainable businesses,” said Wilhelm Myrer, the CEO & Founder of Empower. “Partnering with Ventum Dynamics is as such at the core of what we are passionate about, using new business ideas and technology to shift from a linear to a circular economy.”

Customers and distributors of Ventum Dynamics will now be able to easily access detailed information about the materials used in their turbines by scanning a unique QR code attached to each turbine.

“This is the future. A wind turbine for flat roofs, off-grid locations, and organizations that assist people in times of crisis. There are ample opportunities, and the more renewable energy turbines we deploy globally, the more plastic we remove from the oceans while providing green energy. This is what motivates me and my team. Partnering with Empower is critical, as they assist us in tracking the materials and demonstrate where in nature the plastic has been removed from” said Christopher Bisset-Nilsen, founder of Ventum Dynamics, from the Norwegian Pavilion at World Expo 2020, where the turbine is released.

About Ventum Dynamics

Ventum Dynamics is a forward-thinking energy company providing solutions for distributed and off-grid energy generation and is committed to embrace sustainable and circular practices to not only provide renewable but also sustainable energy technology.

About Empower

Empower provides a digital infrastructure for the circular economy. Tracking materials from production or collection into new products and several life cycles. Empower partners with companies that want to take action and do something that has a real, measurable and traceable impact on the environment.


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