The official debut of the Ventum 3.0 turbine at Expo 2020

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Ventum traveled to Dubai for the EXPO 2020 to officially debut the V 3.0 turbine. Dag Olav and the personnel at the Norwegian Pavilion, who made this endeavor possible, received the team and set up the unveiling in the Norwegian Pavilion’s media room. 

Dubai, 19.10.21

Christopher Bisset-Nielsen, our founder, and Wolfgang Krohn, our CEO, stood in front of a close-knit group of partners and associates that had joined us for this joyous occasion.

The veil was lifted to reveal a miniature replica of the turbine, which was used to explain the construction and function of the larger version placed outside the pavilion. 

The presentation had been anticipated for some time and provided Ventum Dynamics with an opportunity to exhibit the smaller model of the Ventum turbine for participants to interact with and ask questions of the turbine’s creators. Attendees included Daniel Hansen and Mette Hansen from OMNIA Global and an intimate group of the main investors.

We are appreciative to those who attended and invite you to join us in our quest to develop the production model that will support the global scaling of  clean energy for everyone.



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