Teaming up with Inwind/IKM




Ventum Dynamics Group continues its stride in impacting the transition towards a more circular and low-carbon global economy. While on this mission, we are proud to announce the collaboration with Inwind/IKM Group. 

This agreement is headed by Ståle Kyllingstad (CEO/Chairman of IKM) a respected leader and industrial force both national and international and our own Wolfgang Krohn (CEO/Partner of VDG). The cooperation will give way to setting up a new production company (VDG Production) that will be equipped with the immense knowledge and experience from Inwind/IKM to provide the best quality of our product for our end users.

We would like to sincerely thank Ståle Kyllingstad and Inwind/IKM for embarking with us on our steady approach towards the global stage, offering new solutions to lessen issues of global energy sustainability.