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Ventum has entered a partnership/collaboration with Empower to enable customers to obtain information about the sources of all materials used in our turbines and to hold ourselves accountable for material use and transparency.

 Empower leverages blockchain technology to track all stages of a material’s life cycle in real time, from the initial cleaning process to the finished product.

Each stage is validated and stored in the immutable blockchain-based ledger of the material certificate. 

 By utilizing the Empower platform, Ventum is able to acquire complete, immutable tracking data following materials from diverse waste sources all the way to the completed product.

After the tracking of materials for one product is completed, Empower can issue a Product Passport for each individual turbine.

The Product Passport enables customers to view the complete story of their turbine by scanning a unique QR code associated to the product.

The Product Passport for the Ventum Turbine prototype will be available later in October.

We are thrilled to embark on this journey with Empower, a forward-thinking company with big aspirations.