Updates and announcements

  • Out of the house, into the wind
    The Ventum 3.0 turbine was successfully relocated form our headquarters to Sola on Friday, October 29th.
  • The official debut of the Ventum 3.0 turbine at Expo 2020
    Ventum traveled to Dubai for the EXPO 2020 to officially debut the V 3.0 turbine. Dag Olav and the personnel at the Norwegian Pavilion, who made this endeavor possible, received the team and set up the unveiling in the Norwegian Pavilion’s media room.
  • Ventum & Empower sets a GLOBAL BEST PRACTICE standard for “Green Sustainable Energy”
    Ventum Dynamics will produce turbines from 95% recycled materials and track and trace the materials using Empowers blockchain technology
  • Changing the world from a rooftop
    Christopher Bisset-Nilsen, founder of the company Ventum, leaves the question hanging for a moment before continuing: “The number of flat roofs alone is simply enormous – largely on account of commercial buildings, factories, office blocks and so on. And all these acres of space are currently used for nothing at all!”
  • Empower-ING Ventum
    EMPOWER AND VENTUM DYNAMICS Ventum has entered a partnership/collaboration with Empower to enable customers to obtain information about the sources of all materials used in our turbines and to hold ourselves accountable for material use and … read more
  • Into the global market with OMNIA
    OMNIA is facilitating VDGs entry into the global market and assisting in building our growth strategy. OMNIA is a company with an entrepreneurial mindset, who we see as a great match for VDG as both companies share the goal of helping people and planet while earning a profit.
  • Old steel, new energy
    Most renewable technologies today are using virgin materials, materials that cannot be recycled, and materials that can be ethically questionable due to their method of extraction and processing.
  • A new window of opportunity
    Carsten Sennov is our newly appointed Working Board Member for Ventum Dynamics Group.
  • See you in DUBAI
    Ventum will be featured in the Norwegian pavilion at the EXPO 2020 in Dubai UAE. We will have an exhibition model of the Ventum 3.0 turbine that will be featured on the grounds of the Norwegian pavilion.
  • Teaming up with Inwind/IKM
    Teaming up with Inwind/IKM Ventum Dynamics Group continues its stride in impacting the transition towards a more circular and low-carbon global economy. While on this mission, we are proud to announce the collaboration with Inwind/IKM Group.  … read more
  • Renewable energy
    The Economist’s regular cartoonist, KAL, summed it up neatly in his cartoon last week: the battle humanity is waging against the corona virus is only the preliminary round, and after that, we have a much bigger … read more
  • Like the wind
    Christopher Bisset-Nilsen Founder The idea came up in 2016, when Christopher was working at a project in an especially windy industrial area south of Stavanger. «We should put windmills on the rooftops», a colleague joked a … read more
  • Ventum V1
    Inspired by aviation technology, revolutionary and reliable wind turbine, quietly operating with high efficiency in all weatherconditions. VENTUM 1.0 The Ventum Dynamics Group intend to develop and implement the Ventum turbine as a quality product both for … read more


Ventum Dynamics Group (VDG) intends to develop and implement the Ventum turbine as a quality product for use in both the private and industrial sectors.

Our primary aim is to fully commercialise the technology and its products, and to expand the company and its brand worldwide.

We also aim to advance the technology by setting new standards in wind energy generation. We aim to cut CO2 emissions and deliver clean and renewable energy to everyone who needs it, anywhere in the world.

We are continuing to develop our organisation and have entered into a joint skill and expertise development agreement with the University of Stavanger.

We firmly believe that VDG will generate healthy profits, mitigate the destruction of the natural environment and promote reductions in overall global energy consumption.

Ventum Dynamics AS