wind turbines

We will be launching Ventum version 3.0
at the World Expo in Dubai in October this year.


Ventum Dynamics Group (VDG) intends to develop and implement the Ventum turbine as a quality product for use in both the private and industrial sectors.

Our primary aim is to fully commercialise the technology and its products, and to expand the company and its brand worldwide.

We also aim to advance the technology by setting new standards in wind energy generation. We aim to cut CO2 emissions and deliver clean and renewable energy to everyone who needs it, anywhere in the world.

We are continuing to develop our organisation and have entered into a joint skill and expertise development agreement with the University of Stavanger.

We firmly believe that VDG will generate healthy profits, mitigate the destruction of the natural environment and promote reductions in overall global energy consumption.

Updates and announcements

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