Produce clean energy on industrial rooftops

The energy crisis has hit the industrial sector hard with many businesses forced to curtail production to keep costs down.

Ventum Dynamics seeks to empower businesses to take control of energy costs, improve energy security, and cut carbon emissions all at once.

We offer a rooftop wind turbine for on-site power production, energy storage, and on-site energy consumption. The turbines can operate both grid-connected and off-grid, thereby helping to increase resilience in times of shortages and outages from other sources of electricity.

Turn available rooftop spaces into clean power production

Offset energy costs and increase energy resilience while accelerate transition to net-zero.

A viable energy source

  • Location friendly, compact in size, suitable for on-site usage
  • No visual noise, and quiet in operation
  • Omnidirectional, captures wind from all directions without turning, hence low maintenance
  • Plug-and-play system, each turbine can be installed within a day
  • Complementary to solar power, Ventum turbines broaden the scope of renewable energy sources in distributed systems

A new design with improved performance will be launched in Q1/23. 

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Power distribution


Service offering

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Each turbine can be installed within a few days.
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Fleet optimisation

The Ventum IoT service maximises performance and efficiency by assessing optimal turbine positioning throughout the life of the turbine.

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The Ventum IoT app allows you to remotely monitor the performance of your turbines and predictive service calls, which can help reduce maintenance costs.

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Service & Repair

Service and repair is provided by our value added resellers.