Made in Norway

We have been building turbines for centuries

Ventum Dynamics Group (VDG) intends to become a world-leading technology provider in the field of renewable wind sufficiency conversion by 2025.

Our vision is to influence innovation in the renewable energy sector by creating a new platform that impacts equally on individuals as it does on our commercial clients.

Based on years of experience in the financial, business development and renewable energy sectors, we have developed the Ventum wind turbine – a game-changing turbine system that can be installed on residential and commercial building rooftops, regardless of their location.

The Ventum turbine will create new opportunities for the development of sustainable cities and communities and offers to drastically reduce the number of people in the world living without, or with only very limited access to, electricity from clean energy sources.

Our mission is to contribute towards the mitigation of climate change and the improvement of living conditions for billions of people. We believe that this is a realistic goal, and our commitment is firm!

Our brand promise is ambitious but simple
– clean and renewable energy for everyone, anywhere in the world.

This promise captures the very essence of the UN’s 7th Sustainable Development Goal – to ensure universal access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all. This ongoing global process is in constant need of new solutions.

VDG’s entry onto the global stage offers new solutions to the issues of global sustainability.

Platform strategy

In addition to offering small-scale wind turbines that will address the intermittent nature of renewable energy sources in distributed energy systems, VDG will establish a holistic service platform, providing users with energy solutions and a basis for impact-reduction strategies.


There is no shortage of renewable energy companies in the market, all offering you the ‘best solution’ for your household needs. But a single renewable source cannot offer consumers and industries a holistic, resilient and reliable energy system. Ventum does not offer a stand-alone product, but a service platform that is based on a total assessment of the needs of the building and area being served. This enables Ventum, in collaboration with other providers in the energy and smart home sectors, to offer solutions that are tailored to the needs of the customer and the local energy sources available, whether these are solar, wind, geothermal, tidal or one of many other novel sources. Ventum will obtain a competitive advantage and the customer will save time in finding the right solution.

In order to offer the most user-friendly service possible, Ventum will fully evaluate national and local regulations, and any restrictions that may impact on the installation of an energy system.

“Ventum is your friend and helper in the energy domain”

Call Ventum for a made-to-measure, holistic solution. Save time and effort contacting numerous suppliers for technology and price comparisons. Ventum can guide you through the regulations and subsidy arrangements that apply to you.


Ventum wants to make a positive impact on the world. Our service platform will also offer special options, providing interested customers with an opportunity to reduce their local and global impact.

These options will include peak shaving to reduce impact on the grid. This enables customers to be more independent, less reliant on energy prices and less vulnerable to outages. This is because the energy we offer is produced on the site where it is consumed.

There is no need for costly and impactful infrastructure. In this way, we all become more aware of how we consume our energy.

A smart interface, via an app/website, will enable customers to keep themselves updated on their consumption habits, which technologies produce how much energy, and how their personal footprints decrease over time. This service is offered primarily to industrialised countries that need to change their consumption habits.

Ventum will offer a third impact-reducing option that will enable customers to select a unit that has a lower environmental impact. These units are produced in part using waste plastic recovered from the oceans.

In order to promote a circularity approach, Ventum will offer both purchase and leasing options to help close the loop and offer flexibility to all kinds of customers.

In the future, Ventum wants to make impact more tangible and transparent. For example, customers will be able to buy or lease a unit that will make them feel that they are actively providing energy to the village and, at the same time, helping to clean up the beach and the ocean. This strategy is based on the fact that although many people want to make a difference, not everyone is capable of actively cleaning up or helping out. Ventum will offer people the opportunity to be a positive force in the world by choosing its holistic and circularity concept in preference to products offered by other renewable energy companies.

Company summary

VDG is owned by its founders, who constitute its current management team, and a consortium of external investors. The founders own 50 percent of the company, while the investors own the remaining 50 percent.

The Board Chair is Christopher Bisset-Nilsen and the CEO Wolfgang Krohn. Both are also partners in the company.

Christopher Bisset-Nilsen is a private entrepreneur and a developer of multi-million kroner businesses. He has extensive experience in the climate control industry. Wolfgang Krohn has experience in the banking, financial, global real estate and international consultancy sectors.

The management team also includes Rebekka Stumpf, who is responsible for project management. The company employs several people, including engineers who are working full-time on research and development projects.

“We’re talking about a technology that has the potential to improve the living conditions of millions of people around the world”.

Wolfgang Krohn


“When you say ‘iPad’, everyone nods because they know what you mean. That’s just what I want them to do when you say ‘Ventum turbine’”.

Christopher Bisset-Nilsen


“If we’re to meet our climate targets and reduce our negative impact on the environment, we need a holistic approach to the development of new renewable energy technologies”.

Rebekka Stumpf

Project Manager

Like the wind

An interview with the management in Ventum Dynamics

Ventum is the Latin word for wind, and there’s a lot of it on the southwestern coast of Norway, where the VDG headquarters are located. Company founder Christopher grew up on an island that was partly powered by windmills and took an early interest in wind power. Today, the Ventum project is all-consuming.

Ventum Dynamics AS